About Turboconstroi

We turn ideas into works of art.

Turboconstroi was established in 2004. From early on, Turboconstroi has been driven towards building concrete structures with a high quality finishing, and delivering them on time with the highest efficiency. One of the most important parts of the company is to guarantee and to implement a human resources policy suited to the demands and laws of the Europeans markets, in order to provide workers with proper security and safety to achieve high productivity.

With a consolidated presence in the domestic and Spanish markets, Turboconstroi was able to extend its range of services to the German market in 2010, armed with a much needed "know-how" to face different challenges sustained with an organic growth and, supported by local partnerships and alliances, it extended to the Norwegian market in 2013, and a year later to the English market.

Our future is mainly driven by continued growth in the international market and by consolidating our presence in the countries where we are currently working. It is in the new, different and daring challenges that the company finds an excellent opportunity to demonstrate and optimize its value.

Transparency Act
As a part of the Turboconstroi Group, Turboconstroi Norge AS core values are to guarantee and implement respect for fundamental human rights and decent working conditions in connection with the production of goods and the provision of services. At the same time, a human resources policy suited to the demands and laws of the European markets. Due diligence assessments must ensure that our supply chain can demonstrate that they have a high ethical standard, meet the requirements of the Transparency Act, and work to prevent adverse effects on human rights. Our annual report on due diligence assessments will be published on this page.
More information about our Transparency Act: Turboconstroi Transparency Act

Our Goals





Our Know-How

We are a work and Labour management organization, with a high communication sense and highly developed interpersonal skills. We are capable of interpreting drawings and building schemes and organize the work from base to the end product. We deliver a high quality product with an efficient production and a reduced cost.


We have extensive experience in all types of shuttering of all major equipment producers in Europe. Self-climbing formwork; Vertical Formwork; Modular formwork and disposable Formwork are some of our specialties. Our production rates for slab shuttering, modular or conventional are very efficient. We also execute the Assembly of temporary Works and shoring works with speed and security.


We are highly qualified to work in Reinforcement, fabricating reinforced steel frame and netting reinforced elements. We are capable of molding and cutting reinforcement on demand on site. We have experience in welding of reinforcement and fixing reinforcement with special specifications. We are specialized in assembling and welding water-stops and other variety of sealing joints systems in accordance with water-impermeability guidelines.


We build concrete structures of high quality, with or without stereotomy, high finishing quality or as concrete exposed concrete surfaces. We execute manual or mechanical finish on all concrete surfaces. Our vast experience in using Self-consolidating concrete; High-strength concrete; High-performance concrete and Hydro-Concrete and with additives, comply with the necessary quality standards of Excellency.


We execute Bricklaying and Block laying as Solid Walls; Cavity walls with insulation or Fire resistance class F90 walls. Our range of works extends to: Exposed or faced Brick wall; Solid Concrete or Clay Blocks; Hollow Concrete or Clay Blocks; Cellular concrete blocks, using wall ties and Anchors with the suitable damp proof membranes. We execute all brickwork and Block work, load bearing or non-load bearing walls, in accordance with the European regulamentation.